Think Tank | Migration & Memory

Inspired by the Koffler Gallery exhibition Yonder, MIGRATION & MEMORY features three writers – Letticia Cosbert Miller, Asad Chishti & Marjorie Chan – as they reflect on their personal experiences with immigration & movement.

May 2016

Letticia Cosbert Miller, Asad Chishti, Marjorie Chan 

Letticia Cosbert Miller

Letticia Cosbert Miller is a New York raised, Toronto based writer and editor, and is currently the Director of Koffler.Digital at the Koffler Centre of the Arts. Letticia studied Classics, earning a B.A. from the University of Toronto, and an M.A. from Western University, where she specialized in erotic Latin poetry.

Letticia’s work as a writer, whether art criticism or personal essays, is often in dialogue with tropes–historical, mythological, or philosophical–from the Western classical tradition. By placing contemporary artists and works in dialogue with ancient tradition, she aims to both critique conventions of the Western canon, while also enmeshing Black artists and artists of colour, in particular, within a structure they have historically been omitted from.

Letticia’s writing and editorial work has been featured in BlackFlash Magazine, Ephemera Magazine, Sophomore Magazine, The Ethnic Aisle, and publications by Gardiner Museum, YTB Gallery, Xpace, Trinity Square Video, and Akimbo.

Asad Chishti

Asad is a bricoleur at Chairs and Tables where they build (so far, metaphorical) furniture around essential themes to a full life. Being a first-generation immigrant his life is inextricably linked to topics such as migration, identity, languages, and belonging.

Marjorie Chan

Marjorie is a multi-disciplinary writer and theatre artist working as playwright, librettist, director and dramaturge. A six-time nominee, Marjorie is the recipient of four Toronto Dora Awards, one for Outstanding Performance and three for Outstanding New Opera. In 2005, she was named the K.M. Hunter Theatre Artist, an Ontario-wide award for mid-career artists. Marjorie was previously Artist-in-Residence at Banff Playwrights’ Lab, Cahoots Theatre, Factory Theatre, Theatre Direct Canada, Tapestry New Opera, SUNY (Geneseo, New York), and Theatre du Pif (Hong Kong).