Death To/Long Live | THE ARCHIVE

Death To/Long Live: THE ARCHIVE is series of interviews created by Koffler.Digital, exploring the socio-political function of video art and their archives. We spoke to artists, curators, arts workers, and activists, all with diverse perspectives on the importance of video art and archives. They discuss the politics surrounding the use and misuse of archival footage, the future of the archival process in Canada, and the uniqueness of video art to examine the political and social status quo.

Think Tank on Identity | Pink City by Naomi Skwarna

Pink City Naomi Skwarna Instagram is best viewed at night, each frame suspended in uninterrupted darkness. When I can’t or don’t want to sleep, I hit the magnifying glass icon and scroll through dozens of images selected, like so many things, using the data taken from prior taps. It warms me, looking at strangers’ pictures of sun-soaked Miami and early …