How to Build a Fire

How to Build a Fire is a six-part radio play thriller from Kat Sandler & Theatre Brouhaha. It was originally co-hosted by NOW Magazine. It’s presented by the Koffler Centre of the Arts.

In the small fracking town of Winnisk, Alberta, it’s always been better to blend in. But there’s always been something off about the Goodhand twins, Maisey and Sirus. On their sixteenth birthday, a mysterious blaze destroys half the town & Sirus is shot & killed. The sheriff claimed Sirus was running at her. She said he was on fire. She said he was smiling.

January 2016

Creative Team: Kat Sandler, Tom McGee, Daniel Pagett, Brothers Depaul, Nathaniel Bryan

Music: Peter Chapman

Artists: Tim Walker, Caitlin Driscoll, Tony Nappo, Maggie Butterfield, Kat Letwin, Maria Ricossa, Daniel Pagett, Colin Munch

Producer: Alex Johnson 




Episode 1: Kindling


Episode 2: Spark


Episode 3: Smoke


Episode 4: Ignition


Episode 5: Wildfire


Episode 6: Ash


Kat Sandler, Writer

Kat Sandler is a writer/actor/director working in Toronto. She is the Artistic Director of Theatre Brouhaha, & has staged seven of her original plays; LOVESEXMONEY (Next Stage Festival), Help Yourself (Best of Fringe, winner of the Fringe New Play Contest), Delicacy (Summerworks), Rock (Storefront Theatre), We are the Bomb (Toronto Fringe), Sucker (Storefront Theatre) & directed Twenty-Seven Wagons Full of Cotton & The Unseen Hand (Playwrights Project). As an actor she has appeared onstage with Theatre Gargantua in the world premieres of FiBBer & Imprints. She is a graduate of Queen's University. Kat wrote Retreat for Tarragon & Late Night for Zoomer Media.

Tom McGee, Co-Creator & Dramaturge

Tom McGee is a dramaturge, playwright, producer, puppeteer & performer based in Toronto, Ontario. The co-founder & associate artistic director of Theatre Brouhaha, Tom has been instrumental in developing the company's mandate & capturing Generation Y as an audience. He has dramaturged & produced all of Theatre Brouhaha's scripts working closely with his writing partner prolific Toronto playwright Kat Sandler. The award-winning Theatre Brouhaha has played to sold out houses & has toured to Montreal, Ottawa & Kitchener-Waterloo. He has been involved in over one hundred productions on all levels from producing to directing to marketing.

Daniel Pagett, Co-Creator & Dramaturge

Daniel Pagett has been making art in Toronto for the past eight years. He also works at a wine bar in the east end, & as a result can sound pretentious when talking about wine. He likes video games, ninja turtles & jogging, & believes in mercy, honesty & that all events, no matter the occasion, should be a party.