From March 12, 2017. Known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television, readers do not like Etgar Keret stories – they love them. Join us for an afternoon with one of Israel’s most successful and popular writers, in conversation with author Eric Beck Rubin about The Seven Good Years, Keret’s brilliant, life-affirming memoir. Presented by the Toronto Reference Library in partnership with the Koffler Centre of the Arts. Support provided by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.


From Feb 21, 2017. The Recording of the live broadcast of Koffler Salon: Pushing Back. In this edition of our ongoing series of conversations, we explore how the Women’s March – in cities around the world – galvanized intersectional expressions of resistance, and how artists and arts workers are building on this momentum and translating this energy into meaningful action, through collaborative and collective work. We don’t have the answers, but rather we wish to engage in an exchange of ideas about what comes next, and what each of us can do to push back.


From Sunday, January 22, 2017. Artist Leopold Plotek and guest curator E.C. Woodley discuss No Work, Nor Device, Nor Knowledge, Nor Wisdom, Plotek’s first survey exhibition spanning five decades of work, displaying at the Koffler Gallery from January 19-March 19 2017,


As part of our ongoing Koffler Salon series, Writing Home focuses on the complex interconnections between place and memory, dislocation and identity. An eclectic group of four writers – Jamal Mansour, Tea Hadziristic, Fan Wu and Ayesha Chatterjea – participate in this evening of readings, music and conversation, exploring personal connections to, and ideas of, “home.”

2-3 selections from each participating writer have been published/featured as a collection of short prose and poetry on Koffler.Digital.

PLUS special guest musician Kae Sun. The Ghanaian-born, Canadian singer-songwriter mixes lush R&B, melancholy folk and smart pop – with an almost invisible, but still informative, touch of hip-hop.


The necessity of creating truly inclusive societies is constantly gaining urgency under the risks of a rapidly deteriorating global context. Expanding the exploration of immigrant experiences in the exhibition Yonder, this panel discussion focuses on the potential of intercultural dialogue through the arts, examining the role of the arts in fostering meaningful engagement with complex issues of displacement, cultural identity and re-settlement. Features visual artist Sarindar Dhaliwal, theatre artist Ximena Huizi, curator Srimoyee Mitra, and director of 6 Degrees Alain Pescador. Moderated by Koffler Gallery Director/Curator Mona Filip.


Following the fast-paced Pecha Kucha format, speakers have seven minutes each to give mini-presentations focusing on the question “How do you imagine arts and culture 20 years from now?” Produced by Generator, the Summerworks S.L.I.P. program, and the Koffler Centre of the Arts. FEATURING: Dr. Mary Fogarty, Alex Johnson, Jane Kirby, Andy Moro, Christine Quintana, Joseph Recinos, Katie Sly, Donna Michelle St. Bernard, and Joshua Vittivelu.


Nadia Murad (Yazidi woman and Nobel Peace Prize nominee), Rozin Hanjool (Women’s Affairs Manager, Yazda) and Hannah Rittner (writer of The Unbelievers) in a conversation with Rachel Browne (Staff Reporter, VICE News). The speakers share their responses to The Unbelievers, a play presented at the 2016 SummerWorks Performance Festival which explores the massacre of the Yazidi people in Sinjar and sex-trafficking of Yazidi women. Using issues raised in the play as a springboard, the speakers discuss the crisis of the Yazidi people and ways Canada can help. Presented by LACE Productions & Koffler Centre of the Arts.


From Tuesday May 24 2016. Live recordings of an eclectic evening of art, ideas, live music, conversation and drinks hosted by Nick Hutcheson. Two acclaimed Toronto writers – TV writer Josh Saltzman and playwright Julie Tepperman – read from a few of their unpublished works, share insights into their creative process and reasons for abandoning or discarding these written pieces. They also discuss why they think particular works don’t get to see the light of day. Part of the ongoing Koffler Salon series from the Koffler Centre of the Arts.

Dasha Tolstikova and Lisa Moore in Conversation

The Koffler and House of Anansi Press/Groundwood Books hosted a conversation between writers Dasha Tolstikova and Lisa Moore at Small World Music Centre. Nick Hutcheson moderated the conversation, discussing Dasha’s A Year Without Mom and Moore’s novel Flannery. The two writers reply candidly to questions about relationships between mothers and daughters and growing up, and generously discussed the differences and similarities between their creative processes. Explore more of Dasha’s time as a Koffler artist-in-residence on K-Blog.


Shelley Hornstein (professor, Architectural History & Visual Culture at York University), Daniel Rotsztain (urban geographer/artist) and Maggie Hutcheson (community-engaged artist, educator and consultant) share their insights on the intersections of memory, urban sites and architecture in Toronto. With special live music from singer/songwriter Rebecca Campbell. Hosted by Nick Hutcheson.


Exploring notions of ‘in retrospect’, memory and artistic and cultural influences. With special guests, Evalyn Parry and Anna Chatterton, creators and performers of the play Gertrude and Alice – a new work from acclaimed feminist collective Independent Aunties and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, exploring the lives, love, and legacy of queer icons Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas. Parry and Chatterton discuss the creative development of the play. They are joined on stage by New York-based writer Judy Batalion to explore the act of writing and creating in retrospect, as well as live music from Toronto’s French darlings, Amélie & Les Singes Bleus


In conjunction with his solo exhibition at the Koffler Gallery, Over a distance between one and many, Raymond Boisjoly discusses this new body of work in an afternoon conversation with guest curator Sarah Robayo Sheridan. Contextualizing Boisjoly’s artistic practice, the talk will address notions of inter-cultural transmission, Indigeneity and transformation as well as the unsteady role of imaging and communication technologies.

The publication for Over a distance between one and many can be found here.

Dan Bergeron in conversation with David Liss

An informal conversation with Bergeron and David Liss, MOCCA’s Artistic Director and Curator. They discuss how Dan’s work blends Street Art aesthetics and a deep engagement with communities, to foster reflection upon issues of personal identity, social relationships and the spaces we collectively inhabit.


In the words of the great magician Harry Kellar, “the end of all magic is to feed with mystery the human mind, which dearly loves mystery.” The same can be argued to be a fundamental purpose of art, which often seeks to entrance the viewer through surprising encounters that open new perspectives unto reality, life and ideas. Following a guided tour of the exhibition Architecture Parallax: Through the Looking Glass, join visual artist Alexander Pilis and magician David Ben (co-founder and artistic director of Magicana) as they discuss the role illusion and staging as well as optics and physics play in their respective practices as magic and art entwine.

The publication for Architecture Parallax can be found here.

Painting as philosophy

As one of the oldest forms of artistic expression, painting originated from a human desire to capture the experience of the physical realm in visual form in order to make sense of the world. Throughout its history, painting has often been positioned as an instrument for understanding reality and contemplating the unknown. In a captivating discussion, artists Nicole Collins, Howard Podeswa, Jinny Yu and moderator John Armstrong consider the role of painting in engaging the fundamental questions of existence as well as the ways their own art practices reflect on traditions.

The publication for Howard Podeswa’s exhibition A Brief History can be found here.

post-secular ideas in contemporary culture

Live recording from Sunday, November 22, 2015. While generating prolific philosophical and artistic traditions throughout history, the dichotomy of religious and secular thought also lies at the core of many social and political divides. In a discussion inspired by Isabel Rocamora’s film works, Mark Cauchi (Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, York University) and John Caruana (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Ryerson University) examine the ways in which contemporary artistic, intellectual and social developments challenge the opposition between the secular and the religious.

The publication for Isabel Rocamora’s exhibition at the Koffler Gallery can be found here.

ERRAtic narratives
and archival diversions

An artist-led walk-through with Martha Baillie and Malka Greene offered personal insights into the narrative and memory-steeped layers of Erratics (exhibition at the Koffler Gallery), discussing the creative intentions that guided the development of the two projects in the exhibition. Donna Bernardo-Ceriz (Archivist, Ontario Jewish Archives), Dr. David Dorenbaum (Psychoanalyst and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto), Alison Pick (Author of Between Gods and Far to Go) and Maia Sutnik (Curator of Photography, Art Gallery of Ontario) joined moderator Mona Filip (Koffler Gallery Director/Curator) to discuss the interaction between reality and imagination in both artistic works and human consciousness.

The publication for Erratics can be found here.


On May 14 2015, The Koffler Centre of the Arts hosted a panel discussion on Identity and Culture in Theatre, inspired by The Ballad of the Burning Star – a production imported from the UK by Why Not Theatre and Acting Up Stage, in association with the Koffler Centre of the Arts. The discussion featured Nir Paldi, creator and Star of Ballad of the Burning Star, Ruth Madoc-Jones, Jennifer Capreru, and was hosted by Jessica Wyman. It is part storytelling, part thinking aloud, and entirely candid.

A Rigorous Method:
Exploring Parallels between
Art and Math

In an informal afternoon conversation, artists Kristiina Lahde and Howard Podeswa are joined by Dr. John Mighton (mathematician, author, playwright and founder of Jump Math) to discuss the precise methods involved in their creative process and the role mathematics play in their artistic production as a tool for distilling the physical into art. Moderated by curator Mona Filip.

The publication for Ultra-Parallel, Kristiina Lahde’s exhibition at the Koffler Gallery, can be found here.

Complex by Rebecca Appelbaum
A Staged Reading

From imaginary numbers to one of Toronto’s most notorious neighbourhoods, Complex follows the relationship between a University of Toronto math major and a teenager growing up in Chalkfarm. Fascinated by the community’s dangerous reputation, she becomes a volunteer tutor for the “at-risk” high school student. We watch as she begins to latch on to the young man, who’s struggling for reasons she’d never expect.

This staged reading was presented by the Koffler Centre of the Arts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Jonathan Goldstein!

On November 23rd, Jonathan Goldstein joined the Koffler Centre of the Arts in an onstage conversation with the AGO’s associate curator of Canadian art Georgiana Uhlyarik. The result was a thoughtful and hilarious mash-up of anecdotes and insights from Jonathan The Writer, Jonathan The Host of CBC’s Wiretap, and Jonathan The Man. Beginning with his book Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible, and ending with Woody Allen, anxiety, and Toronto’s cries for more Goldstein, this talk was a beautiful comic back-and-forth between Goldstein, Georgiana, and the audience.

“Nothing beats a live performance. nothing.” – Jonathan Demme

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